Block Management

We offer a comprehensive management service to Residential developments & Blocks of flats and for established Management Companies / Resident Associations or Freeholders.

Our aim is to ensure your building is professionally and efficiently managed, making day to day life much easier whilst meeting the high standards of service expected by Directors, leaseholders and residents. With regular contact through preferred means of communication, our dedicated property manager can be easily reached at all times. Communication, organisation and attention to details are fundamental to our service and ensures successful long-term management, making your home a safe and stress-free escape. Poor Block management can often damage or reduce a property’s value: it is our obligation to you to ensure this is not the case.

We tailor our services to suit your requirements, whether you are looking for a comprehensive management service or relief with a few areas, we can help. Some of the important tasks we carry out within our comprehensive service are: Budgeting Service Charge costs Preparing annual income / expenditure account Issuing Service Charge invoices and arranging collection Processing, verifying and paying invoices for maintenance, utilities and insurance Manage and maintain client bank accounts File annual accounts, returns and other statutory information Issue & Register share certificates Organise and attend AGM’s Ensure legal compliance regarding Health & Safety / Fire Risk Section 20 procedure compliance.


The service charge annual budget is prepared and provided to all leaseholders, discussed and approved where possible at an AGM or Directors Meeting prior to the invoicing of Service Charges. We ensure all items and clearly listed, allowing for any contributions to reserve funds or forecasted major works. Once a budget is agreed we regularly benchmark against it throughout the year.

Income / Expenditure

Itemised annual income and expenditure accounts are prepared which are used to compare against the budget and help forecast future budgets. Copies of the account are provided to all leaseholders and your property manager is available to discuss any queries.

Service Charges

Service charges are invoiced and allocated in accordance with the terms of your lease or Transfer together with any other charges that require separate invoicing such as insurance premiums or reserve fund contributions. Service charge invoices are detailed and accompanied by full terms and conditions. We efficiently issue and collect charges in a timely manner, effectively dealing with any arrears.

Payment to Contractors

We ensure all work carried out is to a high quality and regular contractors such as cleaners and gardeners are regularly monitored to ensure best service. Payment to contractors is only made once work has been verified and approved, by TempleHill and a Director/ signatory where necessary. All payments are recorded. We regularly review utility suppliers to ensure the most competitive rates are paid saving on annual costs. We ensure all contractors used have sufficient insurance and have a trusted group to carry out work if necessary. We understand your property may already have contractors in place and if you are happy to continue with their services, we will.

Client Accounts

We usually and in most cases hold account information such as paying in & cheque books to ensure thorough record keeping and efficient payment. In most cases we are added as a signatory to the company account to ensure effective management but some Directors may prefer to have a counter signature to each transaction. We are happy to operate in a way that makes you comfortable.

Companies House Filing

TempleHill will act as Company Secretary ensuring your annual accounts are promptly and correctly filed together with the Annual Return. Any changes in ownership, Directorship or shareholder details will be amended accordingly. AGM’s (Annual General Meetings) We will organise/arrange Annual General Meetings or Directors meetings and circulate any notices together with the agenda. Where we are present at meetings we offer to record and distribute minutes from the meeting. If required, we will also chair meetings. Our office has meeting room facilities if required.

Health & Safety / Fire Risk

The protection and security of residents and the building/development is a priority for us. We will ensure the building and common parts meet all legal requirements/ relevant risk assessments and ensure Directors are informed about their statutory duties. In addition to regular maintenance of door entry systems, fire detection alarms and lifts, we ensure each block is aware of the emergency 24 hour telephone numbers for their property and that they are clearly positioned. We remain up to date with all legal matters and will consult where necessary if/when there are major changes to the law.

Additional Services

Insurance Claims – We will effectively deal with insurance claims, liaising with all parties, obtaining quotes and overlooking all work through until the claim is closed. Insurance claims are the result of an emergency problem that usually effects the home and living conditions of one or more residents. We understand the importance of responding efficiently to contain the problem/ damage. TempleHill offer an organised and calm solution for you.

Major Works – We will ensure a thorough specification of work is prepared and sent out to at least three contractors for competitive tenders. We ensure all leaseholders are well informed throughout, providing sufficient notices (section 20 where necessary) together with copies of quotes. We overlook the work and check it upon completion before final payment is made.

Court / Leasehold Tribunal Attendance – For the recovery of service charges, lease non-compliance or service charge disputes etc.

Sale Enquiry Forms – Leaseholder enquiry forms which require detailed information and copies from the Company file will be provided efficiently so as not to delay any property sales/ purchases.

The listed items above only offer an insight into the extent of our services, contact Katherine Hill our Block Manager for an informal discussion or further information. Katherine is happy to meet with a group of leaseholders to explain our services in more detail or on a one on one basis. Often leaseholders are dissatisfied with their managers but are unsure where they stand and what can be done, we will fully advise and explain your options, usually there is a simple solution!